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At Alver Valley, maths through a context is at the heart of our  learning. Although still fairly new, every year group (including the Nursery) plan maths through a context that not only engages the children, but provides them with the chance to make links across the different maths domains.

Our contexts range from 2 weeks to a full term.

Have a look at the contexts we linked to in the Autumn Term:

Nursery Rhymes, ‘Over in the meadow’, The Great Fire of London, ‘Traction Man’, Recycling, ‘Where the poppies grow’, Pumpkins and Nightmare before Christmas.

Year 4 arrays of soldiers
Sorting rubbish (division)
Pumpkin maths

This term (Spring), we have already started looking at the following:

Aliens, ‘Gadget Man’, ‘Harry Potter’ and Animals.

When the children were asked about their learning in maths, they were very excited. Below are just some of their responses;

‘It [maths] is based on themes and you get to make stuff. We made a zoo and only realised we were doing maths after.’ (Y6)

‘I don’t think I can do maths, especially when I have big numbers, but in class we talk about it and that helps. I like when we see models that help us.’  (Y6)

‘There are topics in maths so we don’t have to listen to loads of talking about different problems. The questions are based on a topic so it’s better.’  (Y6)

‘It [maths] has a story to it so it helps you imagine it. It’s fun and we get to make stuff up.’  (Y6)

‘Maths in context is easier and it’s fair because we are all doing the same thing.’ (Y5)

‘The context helps me when I find it [maths] hard.’  (Y3)