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To begin our learning on habitats in Science, we sorted some animals into groups – which habitat do they belong to and why? We realised that snakes can be found in lots of different habitats – water, deserts and grass depending on what type of snake they were.

We listed out what it was that an animal’s habitat had to provide: 1) Food 2) Shelter 3) Air 4) Somewhere to raise their young and 5) Water

We’re looking forward to our visit to Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve where we’ll get to see some interesting habitats! We had an interesting discussion about whether any animal could live anywhere and why they could or couldn’t.

Please have a look in your gardens or parks near home for any habitats and what you can find there – perhaps there’s a hedgehog hiding in a pile of compost? Or a squirrel building a drey in a tree? Let us know if you find anything!