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Year 1 Homework

Check your child’s book bag on a Thursday, to see if they have any homework that week.


Homework this week is all about sharing maps and discussing places that you have visited. This does not require you to record anything. In geography we are looking at where we live. We would love to hear about places that you have visited. This could be places nearby such as Stokes Bay, Fareham, Portsmouth or places further away, such as France, Thailand or Australia.

Check out our Year 1 learning pages about our geography topic or click on the globe.



A digraph is two letters that make one sound. For example in the word chip, it would be sounded out as     ch – i – p

ch is the digraph.

chick would be sounded out as ch – i – ck so that would have 2 digraphs ch and ck.

Check out this video for more support. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPJ_ZEBh1Bk

There are some free games to play on this website.



When we compare numbers in maths, we use the more than, less than and equal signs.

> more than              < less than                = equal to or the same as

We have introduced these to the children using a crocodile to support their understanding. Crocodiles love to eat the largest number so its mouth should be facing the biggest number.

Image result for comparing crocodiles