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Year 4 Gallery

Search Museum Trip 26.03.18

We visited the Search Museum in Gosport to find out more about this term’s topic – Animals, including humans.  We learnt how to keep our teeth clean and healthy.  We also learnt about animal’s teeth, and how to tell if they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore just by the types of teeth they have.  We also learnt that human have a tiny tail!

Viking Day 26.02.18

Portals to the Past came in and taught us lots of things about vikings.  We learnt how they found and what their weapons were.  We had a great time.


Making Volcanoes – January 2018

As part of our geography learning we made our own volcanoes using clay, a plastic bottle twigs.  They we put food colouring, bicarbonate of soda in the bottles,  as soon as we added vinegar to the bottles; our volcanoes erupted!