The intent of the science curriculum at Alver Valley Schools is to develop learners as creative, critical thinkers who are reflective and who have the ability to make connections, reason and find solutions.

The schools’ curriculum is planned and sequenced to enable children to build their scientific knowledge and vocabulary over time, in line with the National Curriculum. An ambitious and inclusive curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all groups of learners to succeed and make progress.

Applying this scientific knowledge through an enquiry-based approach to curriculum design encourages curiosity. Children will develop their understanding through hypothesising and exploring ideas. This will enable them to clarify and explore their thinking, justify their ideas and ask questions giving well-structured explanations. Through this approach children will learn the skills of negotiation and evaluation.

Memorable experiences are woven through the curriculum whether inside the classroom, outside in the school grounds, wider local area and beyond so that learners can relate to and learn to care for their environment, the world and others.

Key approaches for Science curriculum design at Alver Valley Schools

  • Children’s prior knowledge is established prior to teaching so learning is tailored to the cohort
  • A clear hook fires the pupils’ interests and imaginations
  • A key enquiry question forms the rationale for learning
  • Planning sets out the knowledge and skills through a clear learning journey
  • Children have the opportunity to develop and apply their scientific knowledge and skills with increasing fluency and independence