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If something or someone ever makes you feel upset, worried or confused online you should tell a trusted adult. This could be if you or someone you know is being bullied online. There are lots of people who will be able to help you like your teachers, parents, carers or contact Childline – 0800 11 11 or
Remember, to keep yourself safe online by:
* Never giving out personal details i.e. name and address.
* Telling an adult if we see something on the internet that we are not comfortable with or worried about.
* Ensuring all communication is responsible, polite and sensible.
* Never sharing pictures with people we don’t know.
* Never opening email or downloading attachments from people we don’t know.
* Think before you click!

We will remind everyone about staying safe online in assemblies and in our computing lessons. It is very important that you know how to stay safe when using computers and other IT equipment such as mobile phones or tablets. If you want to find out more about cyber-safety, there is a brilliant website you can explore:

For parents there is further guidance about the use of apps, games and social media sites including easy to follow advice about online safety here.

You could also watch the adventures of the SMART crew to learn how to keep yourself safe. Click here to watch the full movie on the Childnet website!

Download the poster above here.