Alver Valley Vision

We believe it is our responsibility to empower individuals to have high aspirations creating a school community that shines. Challenge, resilience, independence and confidence form the backbone of our drive to excellence.
At Alver Valley Schools, learning starts with children’s own experience and interests, as this promotes ownership of, and motivation in, learning. We strongly believe that creativity in the curriculum is essential. It has the ability to enthral, can be the hook to fire imaginations, and drives motivation. It is what gives the curriculum excitement and makes learning irresistible.
At Alver Valley Schools, there are plenty of opportunities to realise these ambitions. It is critical to embrace the wider aspects of children’s learning, their backgrounds, their home life, their families and the varied experiences they bring, to fully understand the individuals we are educating. Only then can we be supportive, ambitious and ultimately successful.  Building strong links with the community is imperative to bring life and energy into our school. We need to be proud and strong and celebrate and promote what makes Alver Valley unique, exciting and challenging.

Alver Valley Values

The values and learning behaviours that underpin school life are:

  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Boundaries
  • Self-regulation
  • Focus
  • Independence