The School has a fully-elected School Council that gives the children a voice in the decision-making process. At the beginning of the year in the Junior School each class elects a representative to take the views of their class to the regular Council meetings. In the Infant School the council representatives change termly.

If you have an idea that you think could improve the school, or something you are not happy with, remember you can talk to your School Councillor who will raise it at the next council meeting. Each class has regular meetings with their School Councillor so that every child has the chance to find out what is being discussed at school council meetings.
In the Junior school council meetings are led by the Chair and Vice Chair, facilitated by Mrs Lockwood. In the Infant school Mrs Harman facilitates the meetings. At certain points during the year the two school councils come together to discuss whole school matters.

What has the school council achieved recently?

  • They have been discussing the range of clubs that children from across our schools would like to have access to.
  • They planned our Children in Need Fundraising activities including the brand new teacher challenges!
  • They have been responsible for identifying possible charities that we will support this year.
  • They advised Mr Collins and Ms Towers about how they would like to see the playground developed, including identifying line markings to increase activity at lunchtimes.
  • They are worked with Mrs Roseblade to review the recent changes to lunchtimes including family dining.