“Our curriculum is topic-led and follows the government’s National Curriculum”

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Alver Valley Curriculum Intent

  • All members of the school community share responsibility for learning
  • A highly inclusive curriculum supports all learners to succeed and make progress
  • Memorable experiences are woven through the curriculum whether inside the classroom, outside in the school grounds, wider local area and beyond so that learners can relate to and learn to care for their environment, the world and others.
  • Reading, writing, spoken language and maths skills are prioritised to provide a strong foundation for pupils to access the wider curriculum. Fluency in reading, writing and maths and the development of a broad vocabulary are essential for our pupils.
  • P4C (Philosophy for Children) is a key strategy that works across many areas of the curriculum to empower children to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently.
  • Our pupils learn to justify ideas with reasons; ask questions to check understanding; develop vocabulary and build knowledge; negotiate; evaluate and build on the ideas of others; give well-structured descriptions and explanations and develop their understanding through speculating, hypothesising and exploring ideas. This will enable them to clarify and explore their thinking.
  • The school wide ethos and classroom culture of respect, strong relationships and resilience is firmly established where pupils take responsibility for their own learning behaviours (6 Strands)
  • An investigative approach encourages curiosity

The Curriculum is designed to give opportunity for pupils to develop as:

  • Creative, critical thinkers (reflective, ability to make connections, reason and solution find showing curiosity)
  • Motivated pupils who challenge themselves to take risks

Curriculum information for parents is available on our termly curriculum information for parents letters.

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