At Alver Valley Schools, children are provided with creative and practical Design Technology (DT) opportunities to develop the understanding, technical knowledge and skills needed in the process of designing and making.  They will undertake a range of design projects, designing and making with a clear purpose and client in mind.

Alver Valley’s bespoke DT curriculum will ensure that all children leave primary school with a clear understanding of the design, make and evaluation process.

As part of their work with food, children are taught how to cook and apply the principles of healthy eating.

Key approaches for DT curriculum design at Alver Valley Schools

  • Prior knowledge and skills are assessed to enable teaching and learning to be tailored to the cohort
  • A clear purpose and design criteria drives the creative process, with a client in mind, to produce a product to fulfill the brief
  • Children generate, develop, test and communicate their ideas
  • Children select and use a range of tools to undertake practical tasks
  • Children select and use a wide range of materials and components which they determine are best suited for the task
  • At each step of the design and make process, children will learn to test, evaluate and refine their ideas