Year R Egg Adventures

Some of our Year R families have signed up on Tapestry to take home an egg 🥚 that has been laid by our school chickens, and to write to tell the chickens and humans what they get up to with their egg in our special egg book. Children have been cooking with their eggs making

Flower Lays an Egg!

This weekend Flower popped off on another adventure, this time to visit Mrs Lockwood. Mrs Lockwood managed to put her film-making skills to good use and actually captured Flower laying an egg! Did you know Flower sings an egg-laying song before laying an egg? Mrs Lockwood had to be very patient as Flower took about

Chicken Update

It has been a while since we updated this page so we thought you might like to know how Flower and Sparkles are getting along. Their movements have been more restricted recently as we have needed to keep them in their covered chicken coop to keep them safe due to the national restrictions that have